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  • Amber Robinson


Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Do you find yourself distracted at work, daydreaming about white sandy beaches, epic sunsets over azure seas and alfresco dining?

Do you feel the need to make up for lost time with friends or family by taking an unforgettable vacation to a destination (or two) that will capture the imagination of your companions?

It’s been a long couple of years, and if your passport is in need of a good dusting, perhaps it’s time to plan a different sort of holiday, one where you experience two distinct destinations in greater depth.

Steeped in myths, ancient architecture, iconic landscapes and vibrant villages..

It’s time to finally take those travel dreams off the shelf and give yourself or your family an unforgettable vacation to look forward to in 2022

Italy and Greece are two of the most visited countries in the world, but why explore them both in the same trip?

★ Few places in the world offer such a diverse island hopping experience ★ Enjoy a contrast between bustling capital cities and charming villages ★ Endless activities and authentic cultural experiences ★ Sailing, yachting and cruising opportunities galore ★ Perfect trip for families, couples, and friend groups ★ Affordable luxury and unique accommodation options

Whether you’re ready to book a trip for this coming spring, or you’ve got your heart set on a late summer and early fall escape, I’m ready to create and customize a trip that you’ll love.

Visit and let’s start planning your 2022 (or sooner if you like) getaway!


5 Reasons Why Italy & Greece Should Be Your Next European Escape

Their close proximity, cultural, geographical, and historical differences make Italy and Greece two of the best destinations to combine in one trip. But because they offer so much, how can you possibly narrow down the bucket list? Where do you start first? What are the must-sees? Why do these two, distinctly different countries make the best combo trip? Download these incredible Italy & Greece trip ideas and let’s get your 2022 trip planned today.

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Amber Robison


Seize the day, steal the moments, and let me help you create memories through unforgettable vacation experiences

Whether it’s spending a week beneath swaying palm trees in the Caribbean, island hopping in the Mediterranean, or galavanting around Tuscany, I am here to map it all out, and make it happen in a way you never knew it could. Let’s get started!


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