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dest 1 - Hawaii


Hawaii, a collective of tropical and volcanic islands, offers up every kind of travel experience imaginable to the curious explorer. Visitors come to Hawaii to escape, to feel connected to nature, to fuel their adventure-seeking spirit, and to make memories so special, a return trip is inevitable. For lovers, relaxation-seekers, and beach-loving families, Maui’s palm-fringed, golden sands are the perfect place to spend a week or two. The Big Island’s 8 different climate zones will have you racing across lush meadows on horseback in Waimea, scrambling over volcanic rock at Volcanoes National Park, stargazing at one of the world’s most prominent observatories on Mauna Kea, and watching sea turtles hatch on the green sand beaches of the south. The island of Kauai is idyllic, tranquil and so beautiful you’ll need to soar above it all to believe it. And Oahu’s big wave culture, bustling city life, and cultural and culinary diversity will leave your heart and palate craving more. 

Best Time To Visit

If you’ve been looking for an all-year-round destination, Hawaii might be your next favorite hot spot. Hawaii has two seasons, both of them warm in temperature. The dry season, much like the rest of the United States, falls between April to October. The rainy season corresponds with the continent’s winter season and falls between November and March. The good news is, the rain rarely lasts more than a couple of days, and you’ll easily have days on end of sunshine and blue skies in the middle of winter. Remember, each island has microclimates, so while one part of the island may be seeing torrents of rain, the other side could be completely dry and warm.

Highly Recommended Experiences:
  • Take a whale-watching expedition off of the Big Island or Maui - The North Pacific Humpback Whale migrate through here and put on impressive breaching shows between the months of January and March.

  • Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center on Ohau - Learn more about the uniqueness of Hawaiian culture, its language, and the Renaissance its experiencing right now

  • Enjoy an authentic Hawaiian ‘luau’ - A feast that features various traditional dishes, hula, fire dancing, and folk songs

  • Climb into a helicopter and soar over iconic geographic sites like Kauai’s jaw-droppingly beautiful Manawaiopuna Falls and Waimea Canyon

  • Go snorkeling with the ‘honu’ or Hawaiian Green Turtle, the world’s largest hardback turtle - Excursion off the coast of Oahu will take you to their favorite feeding spots

  • Golf one of Hawaii’s 75 award-winning golf courses - With 360 ocean views of the most spectacular scenery, you won’t want your game to end

dest 2 - Alaska
Best Time To Visit

A few smaller expedition ships begin arriving in Alaska in the middle of March, with the larger cruise ships floating into port closer to early April. The weather can still be quite cool this time of year, but the benefits to this are catching the herring run and snagging a nightly showing of the Northern Lights. In the month of May, Alaska sees the least amount of rain all year, and cruises will begin running their land tours. It’s important to note, many of Alaska’s National Parks will remain closed. June will see the opening of parks, and tourism season is in full effect until September.


Alaska, the last frontier. Unspoiled, wild, and humbling, Alaska is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you’re looking for an adventure-filled vacation, Alaska is chock full of opportunities for exploration, complete with postcard-perfect alpine meadows, epic glacial views, and wildlife that is quite literally larger than life. Anyone that says everything is bigger in Texas has never visited Katmai National Park and Preserve and watched a 600lb Grizzly scoop salmon out the river with little effort. Whether you arrive by cruise into one of Alaska’s charming ports of call like Ketchikan, Haines, or Juneau or you’re spending all of your time ashore learning about local Tlingit history and culture, this is a trip you will be talking about for years to come.

Highly Recommended Experiences:
  • Experience Alaska from a bird’s eye view and take a heart-pumping flightseeing tour over Mt. McKinley and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

  • Grab your hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and watch the Northern Lights streak across the sky

  • Cruise the Inside Passage and visit Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

  • Explore and watch out for ghosts in Kennicot Alaska, a historic and now abandoned mining town that was once home to the richest copper preserve on earth

  • Climb aboard the White Pass & Yukon railroad for one of the most picturesque train journeys you’ll ever experience

  • Spend a few days walking and hiking in iconic Denali National Park

dest 3 - caribbean
Best Time To Visit

The good news is the Caribbean is at its best between the months of November and April. So when the snow starts to gather on the ground in the Midwest and East, and the endless rains kick in for the West Coast, at the very least, you’ll be able to look forward to a holiday in a palm-fringed paradise. If you’re wanting to have a less-crowded holiday, November, May, and June are good options. You may see a sprinkle of rain here and there, but you can look forward to crisp blue skies and balmy temperatures for the most part.

The Caribbean

Is there a more eclectic, geographically diverse, and exciting tropical region than the Caribbean? With easy connectivity, and vacation options suitable for travelers with all tastes and preferences, you could return to the Caribbean year after year and never experience the same thing twice. If you like European culture and architecture, Willemstad, Curaçao, affectionately known as the ‘Dutch Caribbean’ will be perfect for you. If it’s a quintessential tropical island adventure you’re after, Jamaica has plenty of thrilling activities, pristine beaches, and jovial locals to keep your vacation upbeat. And if you’re a pair of lovebirds looking to escape the rowdy crowds, sip cocktails and enjoy a quiet beach in peace, then St. Vincent & the Grenadines are calling your name. The Caribbean is a destination best served whichever way you like.

Highly Recommended Experiences:
  • Witness one of mother nature’s wonders in Puerto Rico’s Mosquito Bay - A guided kayaking tour by night will take you to Vieques Island, home of the world’s brightest bioluminescent Cove

  • Go snorkeling in Bonaire National Marine Park, the most fervently protected marine park in the Caribbean and the oldest in the world

  • Hike along The Waitukubuli Trail in Dominica where the 110-mile stretch takes you through lush rainforests, past pristine waterfalls, and near some of the most impressive cave systems

  • Visit St. Nicholas Abbey and step onboard the beautiful Heritage Railway for a journey that takes you back in time

  • Hop in a speedboat and go beach-hopping in the Bahamas - Enjoy a morning snorkeling session near one beach, and round your day off with some delicious Bahamian cuisine and nap in the sun

  • Saddle up and explore Aruba’s spectacular landscapes on horseback 

dest 4-Disney destinations
Best Time To Visit

Because Disney destinations are located the world over, you’ll find it easy to plan vacations that are in line with elementary, high school, and college holidays. For the family needing some fun in the sun, step on board a cruise in the Caribbean, enjoy an eco-adventure in Costa Rica or head Down Under for an epic trip around Australia. During the spring and summer, you’ll find ample options in Europe, Central, and South America, and the Middle East.

Disney Destinations


The Disney name has long been synonymous with fun, fancy, and make-believe. A trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld is a beloved rite of passage, what if you are a family that needs a little..more? From luxurious river cruises, ocean and expedition cruises, to carefully curated, all-inclusive land tours, if you’re a busy family that craves culture, adventure, and togetherness, Disney might be your new favorite style of travel. There is no shortage of itineraries, covering off places like South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Iceland, and New Zealand. If you’re looking for a higher-end family vacation experience that delights the whole family, let’s talk about how Disney will put the pixie dust back into your next family adventure.

Highly Recommended Experiences:
  • Step on board your very first Disney Cruise and be prepared to be surprised, mesmerized, and transported back to all of the best parts of your childhood

  • Visit the land of princesses, Prince Charmings, and storybook castles by visiting Disney Paris 

  • Skip the zoo and bring the ‘Lion King’ to life on a thrilling South African Safari

  • Give the kiddos something to brag about when they get back to school and take them on an expedition cruise to the High Arctic

  • Let your kids unleash their inner cowboy and cowgirl on an unforgettable ‘Big Sky’ adventure around Montana

  • Gift your little ones and yourself a trip to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ and see why Disneyworld is the perfect introduction to fun family vacations

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