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  • 3+ years helping busy professionals and their families plan incredible vacations

  • Professional background in special needs education and travel

  • Experienced traveler with a special interest in Europe, Hawaii & the Caribbean

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Amber Leigh Robinson

Hi there, my name is Amber Leigh Robinson and I am the founder and owner of Picture Perfect Adventures. I have been designing and planning amazing vacation experiences for busy professionals, multi-generational families and adventurous couples for the past three years.

I’ve always felt that travel is food for the soul, and it’s something that we don’t do often enough, for various reasons. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by a busy career and an excess of responsibilities. Everything else becomes a priority, and travel slips to the bottom of the list.

I realized that in my own life that travel was starting to take a backseat to everything else, and decided to make a change. When I finally set time aside to take a break from work, invest in my happiness, and explore exciting new destinations, it was always worth it. Traveling made me a better educator, a more relaxed and happy Mom and boosted my confidence. This is why I’m going to become your biggest hype-woman when it comes to taking guilt-free, fun-filled, well planned vacations.

Whether it’s spending a week beneath swaying palm trees in the Caribbean, island hopping in the Mediterranean, or galavanting around Tuscany, I am here to map it all out, and make it happen in a way you never knew it could. Let’s get started!


Charity Brown

My love for Disney started when I was just 4yrs old living so close to Disneyland I could watch the fireworks every night before going to bed.  My parents would buy the E-Ticket Books at Disneyland and we would go as often as we could. I always loved riding Dumbo being up so high, pretending Dumbo & I were flying over the park. Even as I grew older, and I now preferred faster rides such as Space & Thunder Mountain, Disney was still the one place my family and I connected the most. No matter what was going on in life or how different our interests became, Disney was very much a place all of that melted away and we fell in love with being a wacky, fun loving family all over again. This sense of love and belonging became synonymous with Disney, and I was hooked from that point on. 


In fact, we all now live in Florida and Disney World is our home park! I’ve seen Disney from many different points of view, and this will only help in creating the perfect plan for whatever type of vacation you have in mind!  I am the mother of a young girl with Autism, ADHD and Anxiety. I personally know “vacations” can be more stressful than relaxing when you are caring for the special needs of another. We have traveled successfully several times with her and I would love to help make Disney a place your family can truly enjoy. Disney is one place that we can travel with our daughter and really feel as though we can fly away and leave our cares behind. Cast Members go out of the way to make sure you and your child’s needs are attended and met! In addition, I offer many services that can help you along the way. There really is nothing quite like some Disney Magic for our special kids! I would love to help you create a Picture Perfect Adventure full of magic and fun. For there is no great joy than giving someone the gift of happiness!

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Melisa & Bryan Barron

There’s a reason why the word Magical is associated with Disney Vacations. Whether it’s meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time or the thrill of escaping the First Order on Rise of the Resistance, the Magic is tangible. Using a Disney passionate travel agent will enhance your vacation.

We love Disney and we want our clients to experience that same delight we feel every time we’re on Disney property. In fact, Melisa is also a former Disneyland Cast Member and we have had Disneyland Annual Passes for many years. That’s why we put our heart, soul and a little pixie dust into every client's vacation. We are College of Disney Knowledge Graduates, so we can help you plan your Magical Vacation to all the Disney destinations worldwide.

Although Disney is our main focus, we can help plan other trips as well, such as Universal Studios, Sandals and Beaches Resorts or any other place you want to visit. Cruises are a big part of what we do, and we always enjoy helping everyone from highly frequent cruisers to first-timers.

We’re always available for our clients, and we will go “to infinity and beyond” to make each vacation Magical. We are passionate travel planners who would love to make all your vacation dreams come true. We are so excited to help you with your Magical Vacation, why not begin planning with us today?


Rebecca Pieroni

Rebecca is from a small town in Arkansas, where she lives with her husband, son, and daughter. Rebecca is a speech/language pathologist giving her a unique understanding of what the challenges facing families today. She fell in love with Disney as an adult the first time she took her family there. “The magic you see in a kid’s eyes as they walk into a Disney Park is contagious!”  

Throughout the years, Rebecca and her husband have loved sharing their love and knowledge of Disney with family and friends and helping plan multiple trips. The love of planning and sharing led Rebecca into becoming a Disney Travel Agent, where she can spread the magic to many families! 

Using her vast experience and knowledge, Rebecca works hard to take the guesswork out of planning her client’s Disney trip! She provides first-hand knowledge on traveling with families and families with special needs children. She loves to make trips as accommodating for her clients as possible, so they get the most magical experience possible! 

Family vacations are a time to slow down and reconnect as a family and there is no better place to do that than at Walt Disney World! 


Using her knowledge and love for Disney, Rebecca will help take the guesswork out of your Disney Trip creating a picture-perfect adventure for you and your family. 


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